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Lots of love from us all.

At Fragrant World we offer 100% genuine decanted fragrances only, carefully rebottled and available in a wide variety of sizes.

Just pick the size you want and we´ll take care of the rest...

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About Fragrant World Decant Shop

Based in the heart of Portugal, and having started as an Ebay shop in the year 2016 (click here to see our feedback on Ebay), we have rapidly established ourselves since then as one of the leading providers of perfume samples and decants in Europe, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We've achieved such status by providing a no thrills sampling service that covers all the basics... a great selection of 100% authentic fragrances, beautifully presented bottles and the best prices you can possibly find online.

We stock some of the best brands and scents available in perfumery, from modern classics to discontinued gems, which are available in various sizes allowing you the opportunity to try small quantities of any particular fragrance before committing to a full bottle purchase. 

Our decants are always freshly prepared by exctracting the scent from its original bottle into our professionally labeled atomizers. Just pick the size and we take care of the rest... why blind buying an expensive fragrance which you may not enjoy when you can purchase and test several fragrances simultaneously for the same price and find that special one which you'll hopefully cherish for months to come?

Sampling is the best way to start your journey into the beautiful world of perfumery...