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  Based in the heart of Porto (Portugal) and having started as an Ebay shop in the year 2016 (see our Ebay shop), we have rapidly established ourselves since then as one of the leading providers of perfume samples and decants in Europe, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We've achieved such status by providing a no thrills sampling service that covers all the basics... authentic fragrances, beautifully presented bottles and the best prices you can possibly find online. We stock some of the best brands and scents available in perfumery, from modern classics to discontinued gems, which are available in various sizes allowing you the opportunity to try small quantities of any particular fragrance before committing to a full bottle purchase. 


  We have been in the business long enough to understand our customers needs and that's what we strive for, therefore we can assure you that you'll always receiver from us genuine fragrances in high quality atomizers, professionally labeled for easy recognition and carefully packed to ensure that you'll always receive your bottles in perfect condition. We truly hope you love your beautiful perfume samples and decants as much as we've loved to prepare them for you.
  If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us...