Here you can view the bottles that we are currently using to prepare our hand made decants. We always do our utmost to offer high quality atomizers made from glass, as these tend to better preserve the qualities of the fragrance as well as being less prone to leaking and evaporation. We always test the sprayers of each atomizer to ensure you get a perfect mist when spraying your brand new fragrance.

 - Every bottle will be professionally labeled for instant recognition. We guarantee you great looking decants whichever size you choose.

 - Every order will be securely packed, without any fancy bits. This way we can keep offering you the best prices online, without neglecting what matters the most... 100% GENUINE great smelling scents in a beautifully presented bottle.

 - We always apply Teflon tape, or any other type of non sticky isolating tape on the atomizer threads. This is a fairly effective measure to prevent any leakage in transit, which could occur due to air pressure at high altitudes. If you have any issues with any of the decants that you've received from us please contact us HERE to let us know.

- We will be soon introducing a 3ml size to the already available options. Our decants will then be available in 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 30ml and 50ml sizes. For your convenience, we only use bottles with sprayers.

- *Due to some quality issues that we've been dealing with when using our traditional plastic made 2ml atomizers, we are replacing these with a larger glass atomizer with a capacity of 3ml when full.  Bear in mind we will be using these for every 1ml, 2ml and 3ml decants ordered. You will receive a bottle which must be 1/3 full, 1/2 full or completely full, respectively. 
- These aforementioned sizes should give you approximately the following amount of sprays:
  1ml - 15 sprays / 2ml - 30 sprays / 3ml - 45 sprays / 5ml - 75 sprays
- We will soon be preparing and dispatching almost every order using these new glass atomizers but we will still have the old plastic ones in case you prefer those. If you'd still like to receive the plastic model please leave us a note with your order. Now to our brand new...


10ml TRAVEL SPRAY W/ Aluminum Case


- We are now using the travel atomizers* pictured above with every order. These come with a protective aluminum case and possess an excellent and powerful sprayer, which should provide you with approximately 90 sprays of your new scent. (*color may differ from the one being pictured, according to availability)

... and finally the BIG BOYS:

- Cap and sprayer color may differ from the one being pictured as it´s subject to availability. The standard color is the silver, as shown in the photo).
Any further queries regarding our bottles please feel free to get in touch with us... we are always glad to help in your sampling journey. 

Welcome to our fragrant world...