"The story of Gisada started in Zurich in 2013 as a dream, that of two brothers with a desire to express their passion for perfumes in an unconventional and innovative way, while collaborating with perfume makers with a clear vision. Today, the perfumes Maison, whose logo is inspired by the sublime idea of flight, is synonymous with modern elegance combined with Swiss standards of excellence. In just a few years, the company has achieved great success, with international distribution in almost all European countries, the Balkan countries, the United Arab Emirates, Asia and Africa. At Gisada, typically Swiss savoir-faire and high quality meet mastery in the art of perfumery, resulting in exclusive fragrances that reveal striking compositions, characterised by a refined balance. Everything is taken care of down to the tiniest detail: from the olfactory pyramid to the packaging of the bottles, whose design is always elegant, sober and sophisticated."